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Speed Wax

Our flagship detail spray wax! Speed Wax is safe on all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, trim, vinyl decals, wheels, and more. Speed Wax easily cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle. Just spray on, and wipe dry.

16 oz $11.99
1 gal $43.99

Ceramic Plus

In 2019 we launched Ceramic Plus as a newly improved version of our popular product–Speed Wax. Ceramic Plus combines the easy to use shine and protection of Speed Wax with added Silica Dioxide ceramic polymers for added durability and shine.

16 oz $25
1 gal $65


New for 2021! C2 is our most advanced protection spray yet. C2 features carnauba and ceramic polymers for the highest shine and longest lasting protection. Simply spray on and rinse for months of results. C2 is safe for all exterior surfaces.

1 gal $25

Sun Ray

The ultimate detail spray to apply even in direct sunlight! Sun Ray offers a streak free way to shine your ride and is ideal for pre-car show wipedowns.

1 gal $15

Maxx Suds

Maxx Suds is our strongest and foamiest car wash soap that easily removes dirt, grease, bugs, and more from your vehicle. Maxx Suds is excellent in foam cannons or use by hand.

16 oz $9.99
1 gal $15

Mega Melon

Our popular high foaming detergent formula with a sweet, watermelon scent.

16 oz $9.99
1 gal $15

Gold Wash & Wax

Low foaming and neutral pH formula is ideal for maintenance washes as it will not strip away existing wax protection.

16 oz $9.99
1 gal $22

*NOTE: Gold Wash & Wax has limited availability

Tire Shine Gel Classic Satin

An easy to use, water-based formula. Tire Shine Gel delivers a satin sheen to your vehicle’s tires for a freshly detailed look

16 oz $18.99
1 gal $35

Tire Shine Gel High Gloss

An easy to use, water-based formula. This version of our Tire Shine Gel delivers a wet, glossy appearance that dries to the touch in minutes.

16 oz $18.99
1 gal $35

Interior Detailer

Interior Detailer shines and protects interior surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, rubber, and leather. Just spray on and wipe dry!

16 oz $15
1 gal $35

Leather Conditioner

An easy to use, water-based formula that shines and protects interior leather seats, armrests, and more. Features a leather fragrance to keep your ride smelling like factory-new.

16 oz $14.99
1 gal $35

Multi Purpose Cleaner

A ready to use formula that easily cleans away stains, dirt, and more from carpet, fabric, leather, floor mats, seats, headliners, and much more.

16 oz $8.99
1 gal $11.99

Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

A ready to use formula that easily cleans away stains from leather, vinyl, and plastic.

16 oz $9.99
1 gal $18

Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner easily cleans away brake dust, grease, and more from wheels while being safe on all surfaces.

16 oz $8.99
1 gal $22

Trim Restore

Trim Restore features an oil-based formula that penetrates and protects exterior plastic and vinyl trim for months.

16 oz $19.99

Glass Cleaner

A strong cleaner for automotive glass that is ammonia free and safe on window tint film.

16 oz $6.99
1 gal $14.99