Polymer Carnauba Wax


Natural carnauba with Synthetic Polymer for Easy Application


Garage One Polymer Carnauba Wax

Garage One Polymer Carnauba Wax features a traditional carnauba liquid wax formula with added synthetic wax polymers. This combination produces an easy on-easy off application that protects your vehicle’s painted surfaces.

How to Use

  1. Begin with a freshly washed and clean vehicle surface. For best results apply in a cool, shaded area.
  2. Using a soft foam or microfiber applicator of your choice, apply Polymer Carnauba Wax to the vehicle’s painted surfaces.
    Do not use over vinyl decals or plastic trim.
  3. Allow product to dry to a light haze
  4. Buff off excess dried wax with a soft microfiber towel

Additional information


16 oz.