Garage One Pro Gold Super Concentrate Wash (1gal)


Garage One Pro Gold Super Concentrate Wash & Wax (1gal)


Our professional grade car wash, Garage One Pro Gold Super Concentrate Wash & Wax is fortified with carnauba wax; to gently lift away dirt & grime, giving you the ultimate car wash for your vehicle.   It combines unique formula of cleaning detergent with real carnauba wax to bring that mirror like shine to your vehicle! The end results reveal your paints radiant color.


–   Use on a cool car, preferably in the shade to avoid sun spotting

–   Rinse car to remove any loose dirt.

–   Pour wash concentrate into a bucket and mix with water (1 oz. per gallon)

–   Wash car with a sponge, soft cloth, or mitt

–   Rinse car then dry immediately with a soft cloth, microfiber drying towel or


* Note: Carnauba Wax is a botanical product sometimes called the “Queen of Wax”. Carnauba wax has a much higher melting point than other waxes, and is also extremely hard. This makes it ideal for creating extremely strong coatings for, automobiles, and other things which see hard wear.  Carnauba wax is used in Garage One Pro Gold Super Concentrate Wash & Wax, which protects the cars paint finish by creating a protective, waterproof seal when applied to a clean surface.

* Note: When washing, we recommend a high performance Microfiber Wash Mitt, or Microfiber Sponge. The superior design allows the microfiber strands to hold an abundance of soapy water making it to be very soft and safe on all automotive paint surfaces.

*Note: For drying we recommend a Microfiber Drying Towel, which reduces friction on your paint so it’s kind and gentle but still retains all the benefits of absorbing water. Chamois is another consideration, they are ideal for drying also.  Imported Genuine Leather, 100% cod-oil tanned, and wipes dry and shines your car, boat, SUV, RV’s and more.


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