Gold Wash & Wax


Adds shine and protection without stripping away existing waxes or sealants.

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Garage One Gold Wash & Wax

Gold Wash & Wax provides maximum shine and protection while washing your vehicle. This formula shares a synthetic polymer wax with products like Speed Wax and Ceramic Plus which protects against UV damage and provides excellent water beading.

Gold Wash & Wax is a neutral pH detergent, meaning it will not strip existing layers of wax or sealants from the vehicle.

Note: Gold Wash & Wax’s advanced surfactants that provide shine and protection yield less foamy suds than other soaps like Mega Melon or Maxx Suds. If you are looking for a thick, foamy wash that easily strips dirt and grease, we suggest Mega Melon, Maxx Suds, Super Cherry, or Very Berry. Gold Wash & Wax is primarily a maintenance wash to add to your car care regimen for removing light road dirt while not stripping away recently applied waxes and sealants.

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1 Gallon, 16 oz.