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The Garage One Pro Team

Co-founders of Garage One (pro quality detailing products and supplies) Andrew Castillo and Gene Teston have brought to life their passion and lifelong dream of combining their hobby with their business interest. Both Andrew and Gene are car enthusiast (nuts) that enjoy maintaining their classic cars at the highest level. They consider themselves stewards of fine pieces of art with historical significance. Gene has owned and shown his classic 65 GTO over 30 years, attending car shows and cruise night events on a regular basis. Andrew is an active motorcycle and car enthusiasts and recently restored a 68 Firebird to concourse condition. These guys know how to make their rides look great and they do it with the highest quality and best performing products from Garage One Pro Shop. Both Gene and Andrew enjoy the camaraderie of sharing their passion with fellow enthusiast across the country. As Gene states “these cars embody part of automotive history and are thrill to drive, maintain and own. Classic cars invigorate your senses through the sound of the motors and shear horsepower”.

Both Andrew and Gene are encouraged by the direction current automotive manufactures have taken to bring back the thrill and enjoyment of driving with modern versions of classics from yester year. “These cars bring back the fun, excitement, and enjoyment of owning a car again” states Andrew.

Gene Teston was featured on Hemmings TV

One of the many things they enjoy about their business is it gives them the opportunity to meet fellow motor enthusiasts that share their passion. “It’s such a great pleasure when we go to events and meet some of the nicest people from all walks of life that share their special ride with us, states Gene. “The stories you hear about the restoration project or the history of a car is just incredible”. That’s why I’m so passionate about this business and why I enjoy helping fellow entuasists take care of their special ride.

Both Gene and Andrew are dedicated to providing the motor enthusiasts with the highest quality products that will help maintain and care for their special ride. Whether you’re into motorcycles, own an exotic/classic car, or boat/RV, you’ll find everything you need to take care of that special ride at Garage One Pro Shop.

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