Garage One Motorcycle Wash



Assess motorcycle overall dirtiness; locate and protect sensitive areas.

Select the appropriate tools and techniques you will utilize. 



Use water to rinse away loose dirt and grime before the soap stage.

Work from top to bottom and get completely underneath.

The goal is to dislodge as much dirt as possible without touching the bike.


Soap & H20

Use the two-bucket system, Garage One Pro Gold Soap, and a clean wash mitt, scrub the bike from top to bottom. 

Use an assortment of brushes to reach tight and small spaces.

For heavy soils, use Garage One Multi-Purpose cleaner along with the soap.

For best results, use Garage One Pro Wheel Cleaner for the rims and Garage One Pro Multi-Purpose Cleaner for the tires.

Rinse the bike well removing all soap and cleaners. 



Remove the plastic protectant you placed over sensitive areas.

Dry the motorcycle using microfiber drying towels and or compressed air.


Remove Contaminants

Remove embedded surface contaminants using Garage One Pro Poly-TEF towel and Speedwax.

Spray Garage One Pro Speedwax onto the Poly-TEF towel and onto painted surface of the motorcycle.

Lightly rub the Poly-TEF towel over the painted surfaces while keeping the surfaces moist with Garage One Speedwax.

Continue on all painted surfaces, doing small areas at a time.

Lightly buff dry with microfiber towel to enhance shine.

Recommended Tools

Garage One Pro Gold, Microfiber towels, Garage One Poly-TEF Towel, Garage One Pro Speedwax, Plastic Bags, Garage One Pro Wheel Cleaner, Garage One Pro Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Wash Mitt, and Various Brushes.