Garage One Polishing & Paint Correction


Wash the car with Garage One Pro Gold Car Wash and remove surface contaminants using Garage One Poly-TEF towel (see also washing your car). 


Dry all surface areas and tape off any sensitive areas using automotive masking tape.


If the car has wax from a previous application, you may need a 50/50 mix of isopropanol and water to strip the existing wax off the surface.


Select the appropriate pad for compounding.

If light scratches exist, use a polishing/finishing pad

If light to medium scratches are visible, use light cutting finishing pad

If heavy scratches exist, use a compound cutting pad


Prep the desired pad with one light squirt of  Garage One Pro SpeedwaxThen prime the pad with Garage One Pro Polish using your finger to massage into pad.


Spread the product on the surface of the vehicle by taping the pad over a 2’ x 2’ area. Use slow speed to spread the product out evenly, then slowly raise the speed to 5-6.



Work the product until it has broken down and becomes a thinner, lighter color. This may take 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on condition and ambient temperature. 



Wipe the residue with a microfiber towel and buff area using a clean microfiber towel.


Recommended Tools

Dual Auction Polisher, Garage One Pro PolishMicrofiber towelsFoam Polishing Pads, Automotive Masking Tape.