Garage One Pro Wheel Cleaner Val-Pak


Garage One Pro Wheel Cleaner is simply the best and easiest wheel cleaner you will ever use!


Garage One Pro Wheel Cleaner is simply the best and easiest wheel cleaner you will ever use! This special formula is designed to remove dirt, brake dust; grease and bugs from coated aluminum, chrome and all painted surfaces. It is also ideal for engine degreasing and brightening metal parts. The Garage One Pro Wheel Cleaner is a ready to use formula that requires no mixing or preparation. Simply spray onto area desired to be cleaned, let dwell for 15-20 seconds and rinse with high pressure water. Heavily soiled wheels may require light agitation with a wheel brush. Safe to use on all wheels, including aluminum.

Brake Dust – a brake disc is usually made of cast iron, but may in some cases be made of composites such as reinforced carbon, or ceramic matrix composites. When braking force is applied, small amounts of material are gradually ground off the brake pads. This material is known as “brake dust” and a fair amount of it usually deposits itself on the braking system and the surrounding wheel. Brake dust adheres and can ruin your wheels.  It can cause the finish to corrode and deteriorate. As brake dust becomes heated, it can seep into the polish and stain your wheels. Garage One Pro Wheel Cleaner will keep wheels looking perfect! Just Spray, Rinse, Shine…It’s That Easy!


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